About Us

It was first conceived as an idea between two friends over dinner, as a humble thought: “How can we help the most people improve themselves in our community?”  From that little spark Rockingham CrossFit was born. Five years earlier Aaron Clymer and Keith Macneil were brought together through CrossFit. First as acquaintances, workout partners, competition teammates, coaches, best of friends and eventually CrossFit affiliate owners.

Their passion for fitness and thirst for knowledge is as infectious as their fun loving personalities.  Even though random dance sessions and constant laughter can be heard inside the walls of RCF, they take learning and fitness extremely serious, and they expect no less from their coaches and staff.

The mix of Aaron’s triathlete training, high school and collegiate experience both as an athlete and a coach, and Keith’s military and coaching experience has been the perfect marriage of hard work, dedication and commitment.  This prescription of humor, tireless devotion to their craft, and guiding their members to reach their full potential has culminated in RCF blossoming into a first class CrossFit affiliate and the Londonderry area’s premier destination for CrossFit, fitness and most of all…fun.

Our Community

Our members train together – we push each other. You’ll find yourself working harder than you ever thought you could, while rediscovering that inner child that loves – and looks forward to – playing and having fun.

You will find yourself breaking down barriers and setting new standards for yourself, along with the people beside you.

We strive to create a bond among our members that can’t be faked or manufactured.

Together we sweat. Together we bleed. We find weaknesses and we get stronger, together.

The community of CrossFit is one of our greatest strengths. We are supportive, we are competitive, we are strong and we are humble … we are Rockletes.


Rockingham CrossFit exists to help individuals, athletes, and teams reach their greatest fitness potential. We safely and effectively utilize combined training methods of high-intensity metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting. Our aim is to build and develop a goal oriented, results driven, positive, and compassionate community that thrives on integrity and hard work.


1 Action Blvd. Unit 7
Londonderry NH 03053