One of the things we love to do at Rockingham CrossFit is to celebrate our members!


Shelly and Jeremy Beland

Members Since: August 2019

Real Estate Investors

“I never felt out of place here” Shelly
“I never thought I’d find a gym that felt like family until we came here” Jeremy

Peter Koch

Member Since: September 2017

Plasterer/ RCF Coach

“I did that (workout) and I said “wow I need more of this” Peter

Adam and Laura Steele

Laura Steele Member since June 2019

Mother of 4 and runs a small farm.

“We are so much healthier, we feel so much younger” Laura

Adam Steele Member since December 2019

Software Engineer

“It gives us a great topic that we both talk about all the time.” Adam

Maddie Roulier

Member Since: September 2018

Admission Counselor

“I’ve been in a team aspect of people around my age, it’s nice having a team of different walks of life” Maddie

Owners Aaron Clymer and Keith Macneil

Owners since September 2017
“It’s not about us, it’s about everyone else in our community”-Aaron
“It’s always on my mind how we can make this place better”-Keith

Erin Williams

Member since: July 2018

8th grade science teacher

“This is the one place- in my entire- life that I’ve felt accepted” Erin Williams

Ryan Moore

Member Since: September 2018

Test Technician

“There’s always someone who has had the same struggles as you.” Ryan Moore

Julie Casey

Member Since: July 2019

ER NUrse

“I walk around with my chin maybe a bit higher” Julie

Jed Sweetman

Member Since: October 2018

Civil Engineer

“Everybody at this gym wants to see you succeed” Sweets

Labbe Family

Elise- Member since Aug 2018, Realtor.
Pat- Member since Dec 2018, Director and Compliance Consultant of Financial Services.
Jess- Member since Dec 2018, Teacher.

“My mental health has improved greatly by having a good routine and a good surrounding of people.” Elise Labbe

Lilly Binder

Member Since: September 2018

Student and Intern at Rockingham CrossFit

“CrossFit has made me a lot happier” Lilly

Andrea Cordova

Member Since: September 2018

“Everyone here is kind and friendly and wants you to be here and wants you to succeed.”

RCF Founding Members

Members since August 2017

Five of our Original members help us celebrate our two year anniversary.

Dan Robinson

Member Since: March 2018

Roofing Contractor

“It’s like the best gym class”

Jac-Leen and Michael

Members since June 2018

Research Associate Specializing in Stem Cell and Cancer Therapies and Collision Repair Technician

“This place is a good time all the time” Michael Nash

Erin Racca

Members since June 2018


“I’m feeling really confident in where I am and actually making my goals happen a lot quicker” Erin Racca

Laurie Hill

Member Since January 2018

CSR / Account Manager

“I Love it here” Laurie Hill


1 Action Blvd. Unit 7
Londonderry NH 03053